In Your Face

We humans have been modifying our faces for centuries: from medieval face-pulling competitions (often fatal) and criminal punishment in ancient India (rhinokopia), to post-war reconstructive surgery and contemporary cosmetic surgery. But what is it that compels us to go 'under the knife'? Is it simply the pursuit of beauty, or is it a deeper drive for survival?

And why, with all our advances in medical science, does some plastic surgery look so bad? Open any women's magazine and find at least one celebrity's cosmetic surgery gone wrong. The truth is that kind of look is not really plastic surgery at all - it's cosmetic surgery by underqualified practitioners using outdated techniques. Pick up In Your Face to take an inside look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of plastic surgery.

Author(s) Dr Bryan Mendelson
Category General Non-Fiction
Date published 13 May 2013
ISBN 9781742701233
Format Paperback
Details 288 pages - 153mm x 234mm

RRP: £9.99

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